Former Bulldog Star Clark Goes Pro Overseas

After her two seasons as a Bulldog, Truman State University alumna Cassidy Clark has taken her talents overseas to play professional basketball for the Avides Hurricanes in Germany.

Clark signed her contract in the summer. While it has been different playing basketball in a foreign country, she said she is enjoying the experience over there.

“My teammates are amazing,” Clark said. “The organization I play for is so supportive. I feel bad for admitting this, but I’m not even a little homesick. Of course I miss everyone back home, but I really do love it here.”

Naturally, Clark had to alter her approach to basketball to fit play in Germany. She said the style of play is slower, even though the shot clock is only 24 seconds. Clark said she expects to play against women who are larger than herself. She said she will have to adapt to the physical game to keep these players out of the lane. Clark said these differences in playing style have improved her overall game.

“The game is also way more physical,” Clark said. “I swear you can actually jump on someone’s back to get the rebound.”

Clark said she is playing more frequently outside the perimeter and taking more shots from that range.

On and off court, Clark said she has run into a few cultural barriers. Clark said she likes the facilities in Germany, even though the gyms are different from what can be found in America. She said the floors are rubber and the gyms are smaller.

“My teammates all speak a little English, but outside of basketball it’s hard to communicate,” Clark said. “I get really nervous when I have to order food at a restaurant.”

Junior forward Rachel Edmundson said Clark has left her mark on the Bulldogs. She said Clark was a confident leader and worked hard when pursuing a championship.

“She is one of my favorite teammates ever, and I wouldn’t pick anyone else to go out and compete with every day,” Edmundson said.

Edmundson said Clark has the capacity to get even better. She said she is looking forward to see Clark’s professional career continue.

Clark led the team in scoring rebounds and blocks as a senior last season, her second after she transferred from Kirkwood Community College. Senior forward Ashley Hartwig said Clark has developed into a better player and teammate from her time overseas.

“[Clark] was already a skilled player coming into Truman, but with her passion for basketball she was really open-minded and willing to learn more,” Hartwig said. “I’m so proud of her progress, and can’t wait to hear about her success overseas.”