Training camp sets strong tone for Bulldog football

Truman’s newest group of freshmen arrived on campus early Aug. 17 to take part in Truman Transformation, but another group of students arrived even earlier to get ready for the year. Truman State football players officially checked in Aug. 10 to prepare for the season. With most of the school year’s stresses still to come, the Bulldogs seized the opportunity to get a head start at training camp.

The first official practice took place Saturday, Aug. 13. From that day onward, the team hit training camp with full force with morning, afternoon and evening practices five days a week.

Bulldogs Head Coach Gregg Nesbitt says the team’s offensive line and scoring capabilities would be a special focus at practice.

To finish each day of training camp, Nesbitt says the offensive and defensive groups met to review the recordings of the previous day. He says between corrections and future planning, the team looked for how all the pieces can fit together to make the Bulldogs a stronger team come game time.

Sophomore linebacker Kade Young says he expects all the team’s hard work to show when they take the field.

“We’re all very excited about this season,” Young says. “We all know we can have a very successful year. We’ve put in the work over the summer, and we’ll continue to put in the work throughout the season.”

Redshirt freshman quarterback Jaden Barr says games can only be won when every player does their job and contributes to the win.

“Everybody is important, and everybody has to do their job in order for us to win ball games,” Barr says. “But some key guys on the offensive side I think would have to be the veteran guys like Senior wide receiver Joey Schenck and Senior offensive lineman Brad Wellman.”