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  1. Across the Aisle (October 26, 2019),

    Really impressive knowledge, sprinkled with some not so impressive comments during your dialogue.

    I try to stay informed, but the gentleman who told about Biden and son, and the background of the whole Ukraine story did an excellent job and filled in so many details I’m sure most are not familiar with. I really appreciated that.

    Some things that were less than impressive:

    -Lumping “liberals” and “conservatives” under broad labels that no longer match the actual meaning of the words. That’s just a way of projecting negative values on a person or people to rationalize not having to listen.

    -Please, watch the movie Life of Brian. When you see all of his followers trying to glean meaning from the sandal he’s lost, that’s Trump and his followers. Trump is not brilliant. He doesn’t have any real plan in mind. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the brilliant comedians that understand. Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Seth Meyers.

    -Sounds unprofessional when you say “I don’t like” a candidate. We’re trying to find a qualified person to lead our country, not someone whose personality “you” like.

    -When I heard you talking about Greta Thunberg, it was almost like I was listening to Fox News, although Shep Smith or Chris Wallace would have never said the things I heard on your program. Either you really haven’t heard what she’s said, or you have some very preconceived notions. Those same talking points, “she’s just a sixteen girl”, “she’s not a scientist”. OMG, that’s such a rationalization for not listening to what she’s saying. She has actually said to listen to the climate scientists OVER what she’s saying.

    Earlier this summer, someone on your program made a snide comment about the “lame stream media”. Some of your comments are actually putting you in the middle of the “lame stream media”.

    With all the negativity I’ve expressed, I must say you actually are head and shoulders above what I was at that age! I really do look forward to listening to your show and can tell you will have very promising careers ahead of you.

    Chris Shelton

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