A Case for Saxophones in Metal Music

October 28, 2018

Picture it. You’re in the pit, rocking out to your favorite metal band, (Is it Metalica? It’s probably Metallica.) Suddenly, in the midst of the searing guitars and double-bass, a reedy, high pitched squeal breaks through the din. It’s a saxophone, and it’s the best, freshest metal you’ve ever heard. The saxophone usually conjures up ideas of marching bands, of swing music or that one instrument your parents made you play in middle school. […]


Truman mourns loss of senior student

October 28, 2018

“The death of a peer is always difficult,” Stoskopf wrote in the email. “It may be helpful for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings in reaction to this situation with members of our close and caring campus community. There are faculty and staff who would be willing to talk with you and to share their perspectives on positive ways to cope with grief and uncertainty.” […]


Why I’m not voting

October 28, 2018

I certainly have a right to vote, and so do people in my exact same situation. I’m just choosing not to exercise that right. My situation is special. Plenty of students at Truman will not graduate for three or four more years, are staying for graduate degrees or will decide to live in the community after their time at Truman is over. I would encourage anyone in those situations to vote. I think qualified person who permanently lives in Kirksville should vote. These decisions affect you and the people you live with. There are many people doing great work trying to register and inform as many voters as possible, and I that shouldn’t stop. […]


Our View: Counseling services hire raises questions

October 28, 2018

With the recent announcement of plans to hire a part-time psychologist, psychiatric nurse practitioner and equine therapist, Truman State University is undoubtedly taking steps to address the mental health of students, staff and faculty on campus. While the effort to address the problem is commendable, it raises numerous questions about effective, responsible and timely solutions.



MoDOT, City consider improvements to Baltimore Street

October 22, 2018

The Missouri Department of Transportation and the City of Kirksville are currently planning improvements for Baltimore Street’s road surfacing, curbing, sidewalks, signals and water drainage issues in a five-year plan. Amy Crawford, the MoDOT Area […]


Community responds to MO Hall

October 21, 2018

Burden also said the cafeteria, which opened in 1965, was in dire need of an upgrade. He said several of the fixtures like the salad bar, condiment bar and drinking station dated back to the 1990s, and the wires back in some areas were still running on fuses. […]


After being cut, wrestling raised enough to compete this season

October 20, 2018

Since Truman State University’s wrestling team faced a total withdrawal of their funding in late spring 2018, Bulldog wrestlers have fought tooth and nail to raise the funds necessary to participate in the 2018-19 season. With less than a week remaining before their Oct. 10 deadline, Truman wrestling reached the $75,000 fundraising goal set by the Truman Athletics Department, and got a chance to compete in a season many athletes thought wouldn’t happen. […]


Walston selected as dean of Science and Math

October 20, 2018

Timothy Walston was selected as the dean of the School of Science and Mathematics after serving as interim for the past two years.
Truman State University began an internal search for a dean of the school after two external searches over four years failed. Walston had been serving as interim dean of the School of Science and Mathematics since July 2017. […]


Res Life, Sodexo proposes meal plan changes

October 19, 2018

Sodexo and the Office of Residence Life have been working on possible meal plan adjustments that could go into effect as early as the 2019-2020 school year.
Possible changes include allowing meal swipes at Chick-fil-A, opening one dining hall on Sunday nights, bumping the transfer value of a meal up from $3.75 to $4.00, getting rid of prorated weeks and increasing the number of board days to six. […]