Letter to the editor — Index coverage


While I realize the INDEX cannot, inhumanly in plausible over-expectation by either we community taxpayers and you student captive fee-yielders, be reportorially or rovingly literally at every TSU weekly-held public debate in perforce limited funds, I was disappointed by the complete lack of any mention in your 20th last edition of one momentous TSU October frontispiece one Emily Merkle actually did file. About Truman’s residential offices laudable efforts to “take-on” racial diversity concerns in, for that grievance matter, our all-too white male rural town, and bad too local council, unrepresentatively alike!

This event was the Monday lecture, live web lecture, new TSU “whiz kid” French faculty member Audrey Veguier secured for a student/public packed-out presentation with “Q and A” given too at a Chicago campus of Socialist recent French justice minister C. Taubira. Talking precisely as well as historically about, yes, racial diversity!!! Vigier’s achievement in getting for TSU this link for us all is all the more worthy of INDEX salute. Because, most previous attempts to get such “distinguished outside speakers” as the indeed noir Guyanese-born Taubira have floundered. On our isolated costly-to-invite-or-get-to location, and indeed ignorant opposition to the likes of our Part TSU historians like the now Oxford resident, T Hagley, when he brought them Grewely non-web in from Italy and so on.

Moreover, TSU got a record number of its questions by youngsters fully answered by Taubira herself out of all the mid-west campuses so TV web wide participant. With the knowledge, she long has had, of both my own and Viguier’s senior Frances gay marriage law. But even beforehand she became a minister, in 2001 she get a law passed “apologizing” for her country’s roles in the slave trade toward over here her and our own resided “America sub-continents.” A law so strong, that it 2016-17 grants even university parents and students the legal right to sue faculty in class “balance,” as McLane-Iles accepted own TSU query, established from Taubira at the gathering you did not report.

My final worry about such omissions is that THE INDEX, theirs inadvertently, plays the racists and monoculturalists’ own evasive game. If momentum the front-page priority accorded to home-based ones like that are so badly prompted by Missouri’s gun biolence this year and UMC incidents. As Taubira, a rather old-fashioned “liberal” Radical Socialist herself, pointed out, of ten irritants, affectionately critiquing her white male translator. In these respects by “silence,” denid by racism and sexist past conventions ongoingly and static winked-at “unenlightenment” curriciula, human rights, are “universal.” Not just a here-alone USA or Missouri saga in need of cherishing by any free press of fourth estate reporter pluck.

— ys Larry Iles