New staff calls Truman home

Freshmen aren’t the only ones moving onto Truman State’s campus this semester, the Center for Student Involvement is also gaining two new members.

Laura Bates, director of the Center of Student Involvement, says Damon Pee is the new program adviser for organizational engagement and leadership and Adam McMichael is the new program adviser for campus activities.

Bates says the University has a set policy on how to do hiring. First, she says CSI had to demonstrate a need for the positions, which includes explaining the value the position held to the campus community and to the students, how duties of the role can’t be done by another position and proving there will be substantial work for the position. Once that gets approved by the presidential staff, Bates says CSI wrote a job description, did a posting which Human Resources approves, then they advertise in some papers and some electronic job boards.

Bates says there’s a committee which reviews applications to ensure applicants meet minimum standards and identify the candidates that might be the best fit for the position. Bates says she led one of the position appointment committees herself. After narrowing down the field, she said CSI did a paper review, phone interviews, then, ultimately, on campus invitations.

“For all of our positions you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree, and then we look for some specialty things,” Bates says. “On a basic minimum, we look for some type of student programming or student leadership experience, ability to work with a wide variety and diverse student population [and] student development theory.”

Bates says she thinks the CSI office is excited about the new staff and getting to know them during their time on campus.

Story originally appeared in the Sept. 8 issue of the Index.