Car break-ins spike in Kirksville

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”″][vc_column_text]The Kirksville Police Department received nine reports of car break-ins throughout the last four weeks.

People reported thefts from cars and tampering of vehicles from several different parts of Kirksville. Some were near Truman State’s campus. KPD Detective Steve Feeney says break-ins reported near campus occured at the 700 block of E. Patterson St., the 700 block of S. Sheridan St. and the 600 block of S. First St., among other locations farther from campus.

Feeney says there are two types of criminals that will break into cars. He says opportunistic criminals happen to see something of value in the car and try the doors or potentially break in. Feeney says other criminals walk outside with the intention of looking for cars to break into.

Feeney says one of the best ways to prevent car break-ins is to always lock the doors and roll the windows up, especially during the summer. He says another way to minimize the chances of a break-in is to hide valuables. Feeney says he recommends never leaving the keys in an unattended car.

Feeney says there are likely more car break-ins than those reported. He says some people do not report break-ins because damage is minimal or the stolen items are not of great value. Feeney says the people who commit these crimes usually do so more than once, and early reports can help solve these cases. Feeney says the Kirksville Police Department encourages people to call 911 immediately if they notice any suspicious behavior.

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