Baseball season cut short by the GLVC

The Truman State University baseball season was abruptly cut short by the GLVC in an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The team was on its way to the University of Missouri-St. Louis for three weekend games when it was called back to Kirksville and informed the rest of its season had been suspended. The news of the season being cancelled came shortly after that. 

 “I think we all knew what was coming after seeing some of the major sports being suspended for a certain amount of time,” head coach Dan Davis said. “Once we saw those start to be suspended, we felt like it was coming down the line.”

Even with these inklings, Davis said he had hoped the team would get one or two more games, but that was not the case.

Davis said the team has been thinking a lot about its seniors, especially the five who are not planning on returning next season. Two of the seven seniors are planning on playing again next season, Davis explained. 

Amid the many emotions of the situation, Davis said he wanted his players to know their situation does not define them, but their response to this situation is what shows their character. 

“Our guys responded properly,” Davis said. “They’re disappointed, but there’s nobody to point a finger at.”

Davis said he will be working on figuring out rosters and scholarships during this time. He said he is also working to make sure returning players keep up with their studies and fitness. 

As of now, Davis said he does not know if or how coronavirus will affect recruitment for the next season.  

“This is going to go away eventually and we’re gearing up to be back in the fall and start working out again as a team,” Davis said.