Residence Life move out process develops

Truman State University’s Residence Life pushed back the move-out date for on-campus housing due to safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students were instructed via email to sign up online for a date to return to campus between March 23-30. This plan was canceled in response to Gov. Parsons instructing all Missouri citizens to practice social distancing, an attempt to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

In a follow-up email sent to students March 23, ResLife announced updates on the move-out situation. 

“The University is developing a move-out plan that should be available to all students by April 7,” the email said.

The email also stated that a pilot program is currently being tested. This consists of a small group of students who are currently able to move-out of their on-campus housing. 

ResLife is also working on how to reimburse students for their housing and meal plan options. The TruAlert website states that students will acquire a prorated credit, which will be approximately 50% of room and board costs. This will include portions of housing and meals that remain unused. To qualify for this credit, students must have not stayed in their on-campus housing or used their meal plan since March 7, the beginning of Truman’s spring break. Students will also have to complete the residence hall check-out no later than May 9.

International students who have been approved to return to living in their residence hall will be allowed to remain on campus. Steps will be taken on campus to implement social distancing, including in the residence halls. Approximately 140 students remain on campus for various reasons. 

Janna Stoskopf, vice president for student affairs, is leading and directing the move-out process. She said it was not worth the potential spread of coronavirus for students to return to retrieve their items, as Truman was unsure where people travelled over spring break. 

Stoskopf said that Student Affairs looks at many factors when making decisions about ResLife. Some of the factors include current CDC guidelines, social distancing practices and what other college campuses near Truman are doing. 

“Circumstances are changing rapidly and as a result, we are needing to adjust as new information becomes available,” Stoskopf said.

Stoskopf said students should go to for any questions they currently have. She said the website is frequently updated to answer most questions students have.