Sometimes the best foods and products come from a little store right around the corner from your home. There has been recent push to promote “going local.” Whether you want jams or cheese, soap or candles, there are local companies all over. Here are some places in Northern Missouri.

Shatto Milk Company

photo creditShatto milk co

The Shatto Milk Co. offers tours of the farm and family days. Photo credit: Shatto Milk Co.

Shatto Milk Company is a family owned dairy farm based in Osborn, Missouri. The business opened on June 4, 2003. Currently, the family has 120 dairy cows. The company offers a variety of milk white, chocolate, strawberry, cotton candy, banana and root beer. They offer various cheeses, as well as cheese curds with flavors such as cajun, cheddar and dill. The menu also includes ice cream and cream pints. The owners offer tours of the facility, which includes a tour of the milking station and production room. If you do not have time to visit the farm, Shatto Milk Company ships to areas around Kansas City to St. Joseph.

5B & Co. Candlemakers

Candles at 5B& Co Candle makers (photo credit- %b &Co Candlemakers)

5B & Co. Candles offers over 175 scents to choose from. Photo Credit: 5B & Co. Candles

Started by Marsha Flowers more than 20 years ago, the 5B & Co. Candlemakers specializes in hand-crafted, soy-blended wax candles. The company originally started out in Weston, Missouri. Within the past 12 years, the store has grown larger and now reside in Brookside of Kansas City, Missouri. 5B & Co. Candlemakers produce over 175 different scents of candles. The candles have lead-free wicks, and the employees hand pour each candle.

Olde Westport Spice & Trading Co.

What started out as a  small idea turned into a world of spice. Olde Westport Spice & Trading Co. began 34 years ago and has grown into a thriving business that now ships all over the country. “Olde Bill,” who started the company according to the company’s website, started his spice business in his kitchen in Overland Park, Kansas. The brand grew through trade shows. In time, the spices could be found in local shops throughout Kansas City, Missouri. Along with the many spices Olde Westport has to offer, they offer soups as well. You can find spices and soups at local retail stores in Kansas City or shop online.

Indigo Wild – Zum Bars

(Zum) photo credit Indigo

Indigo Wild’s website lists a guide to help customers find out what scents and mixtures of ZUM soap work best with their skin. Photo credit: Indigo Wild

Some people are addicted to body soaps. Now, bodywash lovers can feel good about what is in the soap they are using. Indigo Wild is the company based in Kansas City, Missouri, that creates Zum Bars. Zum Bars are bars of soap made of goat’s milk. According to Indigo Wild’s website, goat’s milk is all-around good for everyone’s skin. The goat’s milk is highly moisturizing and contains natural “good” fats such as capric,and it helps the pH level of your skin. Indigo Wild sells a variety of soaps, as well as cleaning supplies. In addition to selling a product that is great for your skin, Indigo Wild participates in local charities. Y.U.M bars are soap bars for your dog. For every Y.U.M. bar sold, Indigo Wild donates one dollar of that purchase to the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue. It also supports breast cancer patients in Turning Point: The Center For Hope and Healing.  The Betsy Bar line donates one dollar of a customer’s purchases to the foundation.