Event: Climb Iowa’s Flock to the Rock

Location: 3605 SE Miege Drive, Grimes, Iowa 50111

When: Friday, Feb. 26 – Saturday, Feb. 27

Who: Rock climbers and active travelers

Cost: $20 for general admission, $45 for event

For those looking to fulfill their new year’s resolutions of living a healthier life, Climb Iowa is the place to go. Located in the city of Grimes, Iowa, this rock climbing facility features 10,000 square feet of climbing with 200 possible routes. Manager Stephen Stenz says he has seen visitors from as little as four years old to 74 years old. Climb Iowa’s clientele encompasses various skill levels, whether you are a beginner climber or highly experienced.

“Climbing is a great way to exercise, especially if you are with friends, because you forget that you are actually exercising,” Stenz says.

General admission is $20 and includes climbing gear. To accommodate people of all capabilities, Climb Iowa now offers adaptive climbing where those in wheelchairs can also rock climb. The facility also features a fitness room and yoga studio. For skilled climbers, Climb Iowa is featuring their 4th annual Flock to the Rock, a rock climbing competition in the dark. Registration closes Thursday, Feb. 25 and can be found at www.climbiowa.com. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, so head over to Climb Iowa to begin a new personal adventure.