Dear Reader,

In the era of Yelp ratings as far as the screen can scroll, genuine connections while out traveling are few and far between. At detours, we cherish those connections, whether they lead us to a piping hot plate of fried chicken, a boutique filled to the brim with local wares, or the underrated museum tucked away out of the tourist’s eye. Connections run rampant through the Winter 2016 issue of detours. Chuck and Margretta Yokota of St. Louis connect their B&B guests with the past by generously sharing the history of their home — which dates back to 1894 — when a local tailor occupied it with his wife and seven children. Add in cheerful connections with their pet dogs Haley and Spike and guests just keep coming back. With the history of blues music scattered throughout the country, the National Blues Museum connects narratives from all corners of the genre. Visitors can’t help but be carried away while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the origins of blues music. I hope this issue of detours inspires you to forge new connections and strengthen old ones on your next adventure.

Embrace life’s detours,

Mary Tomlinson