Letter to the Editor: Young Americans for Liberty’s “provocative” events have real impacts

Naomi Mathew is the media director for Young Americans for Liberty at Truman State University and the Missouri State Chair.

Last year as a freshman, I joined the group Young Americans for Liberty. Since then I’ve organized countless events, and I’m used to controversy and criticism. But recently I’ve been hearing myths that YAL only exists to be provocative and “stir shit up,” much of which in response to an AR-15 giveaway we promoted on campus. After one year of involvement in the organization, I can confidently say this is a flat-out lie. 

YAL’s mission is to “Make Liberty Win,” and all of our events accomplish this. Through our AR-15 giveaway and other events, we’ve recruited hundreds of signups and grown our membership. Our club then develops members into leaders who do far more than “stir shit up.”

With YAL’s Operation Win at the Door program, we get pro-liberty politicians elected. YAL trains and endorses principled state house candidates, and our members phonebank and knock on doors to bring them to victory. Often the races we win are so tight, its statistically proven that YAL students made the difference. 

Results? Since 2018 YAL students have elected 56 pro-liberty state representatives. We’re on track to reach 250 wins by 2022, or 5% of all state reps in the country. These legislators will stand up to big government, be a voice for liberty and eventually run for higher office. What other student group makes that kind of impact? 

Besides being provocative,’ the AR-15 event brought students to our group who are ready to elect more candidates that will defend our liberties, including our second amendment rights. So yes, YAL does “stir shit up” on campus, but we’re racking up real world wins while we’re at it.