Eggwhites Performing at the Dukum Inn

On February 16th, the Egg Whites, a local Kirksville band played one of their biggest gigs yet at the Dukum Inn. The how had free admission and spanned over 2 hours, with a with a setlist over 30 songs that included notable originals such as “““Fuck an Egg and””” “““Jesus Christ is My Dad””” along with covers such as “““War Pigs””” by Black Sabbath and “““Psycho Killer””” by the Talking Heads.

The indie band formed out of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at Truman State University and have kept a busy schedule to promote their brand. They have released a multitude of singles on Spotify like Ayyyo Incident and music videos on Youtube. Like the Steely Egg Incident
The Band is made up of the following four members

Andrew Breedlove
Lead Vocals, Keyboard

Josh Drilingas
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Kyle Ratlif
Bass guitar

Jacob Bannister

Overall the show was a blast. I would recommend going to the next one if you are a fan of a fun and energetic evening and enjoy supporting small indie artists. If you are interested in attending an Eggwhites show, you can find dates and locations on their Instagram @the_Eggwhites. You can also check out their Spotify here.