Our View: mental wellness initiatives at Truman

Last semester, The Index printed a column discussing the topic of a “Typical Truman Student” and how Truman State University needs to address the mental health decline on campus. Since then, the University has started working on a program to supply students with activities and opportunities to better student and faculty mental health. This program is being spearheaded by the exercise science department’s Health and Wellness Committee. Student Government has also given students the opportunity to increase the mental health fee, which students elected to do.

Initiatives like the #BetterBulldog website and yoga every Monday and Wednesday morning in Missouri Hall are just the start of the expected changes to come to campus. Even smaller events are a good start.

We, The Index Editorial Board, commend the University and everyone working to shape and redefine the culture of mental wellness at Truman. Although the program is not completely planned out, at least an effort is being made. It is important to confront this issue for the safety and well-being of the student population.

Additionally, with the decline in mental health of faculty and staff, it is clear Truman has a problem. Students are not the only members of the Truman community experiencing mental health issues, so it is beneficial for everyone to pursue more support for addressing the declining mental health problem on campus.