Windfall continues selection process

It was a story about potatoes, and the general consensus was the piece was well done, because it seemed to be edited several times before arriving to Windfall.

Inside Baldwin Hall 101, the Windfall staff read over this potato story among other submissions to potentially select for Truman State University’s undergraduate literary magazine.

The 15 members sat at desks arranged in a large circle. Junior TiTi Navalta, the submissions editor, handed out Post-it notes, and each member took one to vote on each piece on a scale from 1-10. Junior Joseph Katz, Windfall Editor-In-Chief, started the meeting by announcing open editorial positions, updates to the printing budget and reminding members to continue spreading the word that the Windfall spring submission deadline was approaching.

Windfall meetings consist of reviewing work found in the weekly submissions packets. The Windfall process also involves building awareness that the magazine is accepting pieces.

One of the members who spoke first that night gave his overall opinion of the piece, including what he liked and didn’t like it. Once he finished speaking, people voiced their thoughts and concerns. Some humor slipped in while people commented. The group concluded they wished the poem was different from the dozens of other winter poems received this semester. Katz stopped the timer, always set for seven minutes, and told the members to write scores on their Post-it notes.

Katz then scrolled to the first prose piece of the night and set the timer. Following this, the prose editor, junior Jacob Colangelo, spoke for the first time that night.


For more information about Windfall, pick up a copy of The Index on Thursday, March 22.