Adair County Public Library welcomes new director

The Adair County Public Library welcomed a new library director in February 2016.

Jami Livingston, Adair County Public Library Director, says she took over the position Feb. 12, 2016 after completing the application and interview processes. Livingston says since taking the position, she has attended several service organizations and worked toward getting to know people in the community. She says she has also worked at getting to know her staff and understand ing the responsibilities of the position.

Livingston says the duties of the position include managing finances and the general functioning of the library and meeting with the library board once a month to discuss these areas.

“[We want to] continue moving forward with what we have and making some improvements,” Livingston says.

Livingston says one of her goals for the future is to increase events for adults and teens. She said some possibilities for adult programs could be a cookbook club or an adult coloring event. Livingston said she looks at what other libraries do to get ideas for what to implement.

“We have a great library and I think people need to come in and see what’s new,” Livingston said. “We’re here to serve the community.”