Kirksville Kiwanis Farmers Market adapts to COVID-19

The Kirksville Kiwanis Farmers Market has gone through some changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic: mask wearing and social distancing are not required for attendance but are suggested. 

The Kirksville Kiwanis Club, which is in charge of the market, has a booth promoting taking these preventative measures.  

Ted Frushour, chair of the Market Committee in the Kirksville Kiwanis Club, said the decision not to require masks occurred after considering the number of cases in Kirksville and the county, as well as what the city and county are mandating.

Mask wearing has risen and fallen over the market season, Frushour said. As of now, no known cases have been traced back to the Farmers Market. Despite the virus, the market has still had good crowds and attendance, Frushour said. Some new vendors have also popped up in the market for these last few weeks, selling goods such as body butters and candles. 

Senior Alex Miller, who frequently attends the Farmers Market, purchases vegetables and baked goods from vendors. Alex regularly wears her mask and feels safe even though many vendors and other customers do not wear masks. Alex said she has noticed an increase in vendors from past years, but a similar number of attendees. 

“Whether or not vendors wear masks does not influence my likelihood of buying their goods,” she said.  

The Kirksville Farmers Market’s last Saturday of the season will be on Halloween, and as usual the market will be open from 7 a.m. to noon.  

“I think the real question will be where are we in the springtime because we’re going to want to reopen in May and there’s no telling where we’ll be with cases at that time,” Frushour said.