Business Combines Art and Wine

November 23, 2014

During a typical Thursday evening, Jackson Stables is open to anyone who wants to drink West Winery wine and occasionally listen to live music, but once per month the wooden chairs are filled with people […]

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Kirksville Rotary Club

November 6, 2014 and

[easingsliderpro id=”15″]   The Kirksville Rotary Club hosted its Taste of the World fundraiser Nov. 1 at the Newman Center. Taste of the World is the organization’s principal fundraiser and is estimated by organizers to […]

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Wet tailgating indicates change

September 19, 2014

During my three years at Truman State, I’ve always heard rumors about wet tailgating, but I never thought I would actually see it happen. But this time the rumors are true. Truman now allows wet tailgating. The decision is a surprising departure from the institution’s historically conservative alcohol policies on our campus.

The decision likely will increase interest in Truman athletics. However, it might lead to questioning the dry campus rules throughout coming years as Truman experiments with wet tailgating.

The question of whether there should be wet tailgating is one student government has brought up numerous times throughout the past. This time, student government is allowing wet tailgating. Of course, this doesn’t mean anyone can freely drink alcohol around Stokes Stadium right before a game.