Study Abroad Blogger: Profile

This semester’s study abroad blogger is Nikki Batinick. She will be reporting back to the Truman Media Network about her experiences in England. Read her bio and check every week for her posts from abroad.

Name: Nikki Batinicknikki


Place: Ormskirk, England

University: Edge Hill University
Study Abroad Length: One Semester 
Reason for choosing country: They speak English! I wanted to go everywhere in Europe- I didn’t necessarily care where. In England I knew I could learn a lot without having to worry about my limited language skills. It is also one of my grandparents’ favorite places, so, it quickly went to the top of my list.
Most nervous about: I am most nervous about getting sick and needing a doctor, but not knowing where I go. I dislike being ill away from home. I am also worried that I’ll miss it a lot when I leave.
Most looking forward to: I am most looking forward to meeting new people. I am very social, and I am excited to make new connections with people from all around the world. I am also looking forward to traveling as much as possible on the side.

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