ATQ- What would you like the next University President to do differently from Paino?

The Truman community is in a period of transition, as the Board of Governors and Presidential Search Committee locate Troy Paino’s replacement. Paino was very popular on campus, and he is missed by many. This week, we asked students and staff what they would like to see the next president do differently.



Ben Barker, senior

“I don’t think the next president should necessarily strive to do anything differently than T-Pain. I think they can come up with their own ideas rather than trying to copy and recreate T-Pain.”


Kelsey Breault, senior

“Actually I’d like him to be very similar to T-Pain. I think the next president will definitely need to focus on being involved in the community and accessible to students.”


Lynde Blakey, graduate student

“I wouldn’t like him to do anything differently. I thought T-Pain was perfect.”


Karl Schneider, staff


Sam Dougherty, senior

“I think that the next president should continue to keep engaging with the students and get to know them personally.”


Bigtyme Price, junior

They should better motivate students to help out in the local community through volunteering or beneficial projects.”