Illit Debuts Hot Kitschy Album

Finally, the young woman “Illit” from the survival TV show “R U Next?” debuted on March 25th. Their group name “Illit” uses an independent and enterprising will-conjugation which is “I will” and a pronoun that means something special “it”. Between the two words, there can be any verb that can go in. The five girls, united by possibility and potential, do their best in what is in front of their eyes and leave the rest as they are, expressing their freedom with unique sensibilities and different music.
The first mini-album is “SUPER REAL ME” meaning my real story is the best overall. This album portrays how teenagers are honest with their feelings and express their thoughts daily. The title song, “Magnetic,” depicts the confidence that a teenage girl has to find to pursue her romantic interest. The lyrics “I feel like I have become a big magnet,” “Everything about you sticks into my heart,” and “I will go to you as my heart pulls,” glimpse a girl who is honest and bold. This song is a hybrid dance genre with a mix of Pluggnb and a house that makes the dynamic bass stand out and makes the lively Illlit voice stand out even more. Pluggnb is a genre of music that combines elements of hip-hop, trap, and EDM. It is characterized by heavy bass, hard-hitting drums, and melodic synths. It often features vocal samples and chopped-up vocal hooks (Pluggnb Artists, Songs, Albums, Playlists and Listeners –, n.d.). An interesting thing about this album is that two of the songs, “Midnight Fiction” and “Lucky Girl Syndrome,” added the members’ actual imagination to make it fun to listen (Melon, n.d.).
In “Midnight Fiction” the lyrics contain imaginations that come to mind at dawn when one can’t sleep. An image forms of flying up in the sky, going anywhere, imagining a scene that will happen like a movie. The song starts repeatedly with a guitar riff and this song is modern pop. The melody line sounds dreamy, which, when juxtaposed with the fast-developing psychedelic rhythm, combines to create a rich soundscape that evokes a dawn that cannot sleep due to vivid imaginings.
Another song that has Illit member’s imagination in the lyrics is “Lucky Girl Syndrome” which conveys Illit’s positive vibe to listeners who consider themselves lucky. This song is a dance-pop song that catches listeners’ ears with a playful whistle theme line. The repeated guitar and light rhythm in the intro convey the song’s wild charm. The heavy rhythm, on the other hand, refreshes the melody from the hook which enriches the overall composition of the song. The lyrics “perfect weather,” and “The exact playlist” give a positive power because Illit says “I’m lucky” because of those.
Another song in the album, “My World,” expresses the world reflected in our eyes. The first lyric of this song is “Here’s my invitation.” As it starts with a mysterious and unique rhythm, it catches your ears and guides you into Illit’s world. With an addictive hook, they sing the identity of a quirky and innocent without filtering anything saying “My best now” and “The rest of my way.”
Overall, Illit’s debut album Super Real Me has the message “Depending on what I see, anything can be the best.” I really liked that this album has the ideas of the members of Illit and their imagination. As it is their first album, I hope that they do not lose their passion and go on. I would give 5 out of 5 flowers for how they have made the album that plays great for people who love cute and otaku-like things.