Feature writer bids farewell

Well, this is goodbye. I’ve been working at The Index for almost two years, ever since transferring to Truman State University in 2017. I joined The Index to gain experience with journalism, though I am a creative writing major. Joining The Index has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at Truman. Through the power of the press, I was given the chance to interview 16 writers. Some of them were teachers, alumni, and visiting writers who were teaching classes and giving readings. They included writers who wrote Midwestern poetry, delved into post-apocalyptic worlds and created textbooks. I can’t thank The Index enough for giving me the chance to interview these writers and expose readers to different types of literature. The Index has also given me the opportunity to interview other people such as a beekeeper, a flautist and a prairie dog expert. I’ve been able to bring stories of these extraordinary people to The Index readers. I am also extremely grateful for the opportunity to alleviate my anxieties about reaching out to and interviewing people. I have gained skills to tell interesting stories and make them accessible to readers. So to the staff and readers of The Index, thank you for making me a better writer.