Copy Chief Cara Quinn says farewell

This might come as a shock to my fellow Index staffers, but despite my affinity for clapping while I aggressively voice my complaints and my constant RBF, I’m actually a sensitive, emo mess. I hate goodbyes and the thought of saying goodbye to The Index and my coworker brings tears to my eyes. While I could’ve lived without the 6 a.m. work nights, I can’t imagine even a week without working alongside my team. I’ll forever miss our Sunday meetings, being in the office, and shouting AP questions at everyone while editing (and yes, I’m using an Oxford comma because it deserves to be recognized @ AP!!!). Being surrounded by an Aries and tons of Tauruses was not easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing (or any of their charts, except maybe Ryan’s Scorpio-dominant chart. Stop being so mysterious and secretive!!!). I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing, driven, and talented people, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them. 

To Ryan, our Editor-in-Chief and dedicated Taurus boss: Thank you for quite literally managing everything so perfectly and without complaint. I will forever be in awe of your work ethic and ability to devote yourself tirelessly to school and The Index without even batting an eye. I envy your ability to not only completely dedicate yourself to everything in life but to also do it so well. I know the paper is in wonderful hands with you in charge, and I’m excited to see it continue to improve. I will also never stop giving you crap for having crickets in your house, nor will I stop incorrectly calling them roaches. I apologize in advance.

To Beth, our Managing Editor and Aries queen: You’re infinitely sassy, bold, hilarious, and confident. Thank you for always making me laugh, constantly teaching me new newspaper things, and being such a light. I am a better person for knowing you and I can only hope to emulate a fraction of your drive and passion in my next editing position. You’re a boss and I have no doubt you will accomplish everything you set out to do! I will always be here on the sidelines cheering you on.

To Rachel, our News Editor and Taurus/fashion icon: Not only do you dress better than any Instagram model, but you also work harder than anyone I know. Thank you for the bucket of M&Ms and your amazing sense of humor. This pandemic was a difficult change for everyone in news media, but you’ve consistently put out story after story within mere minutes and nailed them every time. Your talent is as unmatched as your outfits and I am beyond proud to work alongside you. Also, MAKE YOUR BED (;P)!

To Erica, our Features Editor and Taurus LEGEND: I have no idea how you balanced being a student adviser, school, and The Index, but your Taurus self did it! The dedication you’ve shown to The Index and mastering your craft is admirable and I am beyond impressed at how quickly and seemingly effortlessly you nailed both writing stories and putting together your section. You need to stop being so hard on yourself because you KILLED it this semester! I have every ounce of faith that you will continue to kill it in the future and I’m so lucky to have worked with you this year.

To Gordon, our movie reviewer and only Libra: I have genuinely never met anyone who writes as well as you do. I remember being instantly amazed by your talent after reading one of your reviews for the first time. You have a GIFT. TRULY. I have zero doubt that you will become a famous movie reviewer, or excel in whatever path you choose to follow. Nobody has a bad thing to say about you and it’s because you’re not only beyond talented but you radiate such light. Never stop writing, reviewing movies, and being you. I’m so lucky to know you and it has truly been such a pleasure editing your reviews. An editor can only dream of having a writer as gifted and eloquent as you.

To Don, our adviser and head Virgo: Thank you for being so approachable and always willing to answer my questions, even when they were unfathomably dumb. Taking your pub design class has allowed me to realize just how much hard work and experience goes into creating a newspaper, and I’m infinitely grateful for how much you’ve taught me about both InDesign and The Index in general. From one Virgo to another, thank you for being such a great adviser and confidant. You’ve truly helped me grow in my position and The Index would not be the same without your guidance and expertise.

To my copy desk team: I love you. I would be nothing without you. To Maddie, Natalie, Autumn, Kayla, Sami, Jessica, and Mattea, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve loved every laugh, every NSFW joke, and every late night spent alongside y’all. I feel like a very ill-equipped and inappropriate mother hen to you all, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my antics as much as I’ve enjoyed yours. My heart breaks at the thought that I won’t get to say goodbye in person, but just know from the bottom of my heart that I will always appreciate and fondly remember every second spent criticizing AP and tirelessly editing story after story. No editing team I work with in the future will ever compare to you guys.

I want to close with an enormous thank you to everyone I mentioned and those I didn’t. The Index is a well-oiled machine and it’s all thanks to you. I appreciate everyone for accepting my annoying affinities for cats, cussing, astrology, and old, bald men. I have never felt like I belonged in any place more than I did in our office. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.