From the Desk of the Editor: Create opportunities, get involved

If you’re anything like me when I was starting my freshman year of college, you probably have a lot of questions. You probably have even more people giving different answers or strange advice about where to go and what to do with your time away from home. 

One thing it seems everyone forgets to tell you is that this is your time to create a life away from everything you’ve grown up with. This is a big opportunity for you. You might meet lifelong friends or someone special or you might finally decide the career you want to pursue. You could even find your lifelong home right here in Kirksville. 

This opportunity also requires you to engage with what’s going on around you, and maybe even step out of your comfort zone. You aren’t just in college to get a degree and move on — you’re here to start building an independent life. Make sure you are getting involved with campus organizations and events. Classes are great for finding friends, but joining an organization or club full of people with similar interests and passions is sure to find you at least one person to geek out with over whatever your hobby is. Whether you like playing quidditch on The Quad, learning more about chemistry outside the classroom, or getting politically active, there’s something for every student here on campus. While Truman State University isn’t the biggest school around, it can still seem a little daunting trying to find your niche, but I promise you will find your rhythm.

Even if you are not active on campus, consider getting out into the community more. Use your first year here in Kirksville to explore the town and surrounding area. Sodexo and dining hall food is fine, but go out and explore your local restaurants and businesses. Not only will you become familiar with the culture and lifestyle of Kirksville, you are guaranteed to become invested in your local community. Despite going home for breaks, you now live in Kirksville more than wherever you’re from. Go to your City Council meetings and the farmer’s market, or spend some time around The Square browsing the storefronts. 

As you start your school year, take a moment to realize the significance of this opportunity. This is the beginning of something new, so make the most of it.