Help the animals in your community

It’s no secret that Kirksville has a stray animal problem, evident by the sometimes overwhelming amount of street cats present at any given time. If you’re an avid animal lover like I am, it can be difficult to see these stray animals and not be able to immediately provide them with food, water, love and a home. Whether you live on campus, in a house or apartment off campus that doesn’t allow pets or you don’t have the financial means to care for a pet, it might feel like there’s nothing you can do when it comes to helping out strays in need. Thankfully, Kirksville has a few resources available if you either find a stray or want to give rescued strays some well-deserved TLC.

KV-POP is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, volunteer-based public charity which provides financial assistance to those who could not otherwise spay/neuter their pet, allowing those who want to rescue an animal but can’t afford the procedure or those who wish to prevent the chance of a stray cat reproducing the opportunity to do so via an online application found on their website, Given the issue of overpopulation among the stray cat community here, spaying and neutering outdoor cats and strays alike is the main solution in reducing the number of strays. KV-POP runs solely on membership fees and donations, so even if you don’t have a cat in need of being fixed you can still assist an organization trying to help Kirksville’s stray population.

Another resource which can be extremely beneficial whether you come across a stray, want to adopt one or simply want to give back is the publicly funded, all-volunteer organization Field of Dreams Animal Rescue. FOD accepts dogs and cats on a space-available basis and places them into foster homes where they receive medical care, socialization and training with the intention of finding them forever homes. FOD hosts events every month and often features their pets at the local PetSmart, meaning there’s always a pet ready to be rescued. If adoption isn’t an option but you’re allowed to have pets where you reside, FOD is always in need of fosters! FOD covers all costs involved with fostering and the amount of fosters you take on is entirely up to you. If fostering won’t work you can always volunteer at their many adoption events held at both PetSmart and local gatherings, like the annual Community Roots Festival. Volunteers are always needed to make sure the animals have plenty of food, water and belly rubs. If you can’t find time in your schedule, food, litter and toy donations are always welcome! You can find volunteer, foster and adoption forms on their website,

The Adair County Humane Society is another helpful resource when considering assisting animals in need within the Kirksville area. You can contribute by either becoming a member, sponsoring a kennel within the shelter, volunteering or donating goods. If you’re interested in volunteering by walking a dog, playing with a cat, folding laundry and helping with adoption events you can contact the shelter at (660) 665-8038 to schedule a volunteer orientation time. Like FOD, The Humane Society also lists all their available cats and dogs through the online adoption site Petfinder, making searching for your new pet a breeze. Further information on ways to volunteer, adopt and make a donation can be found on their website,

Part of attending Truman State University is becoming a part of the Kirksville community, and the best way to get involved is by giving back. Even if fostering or adopting a stray isn’t a feasible option for you, there are numerous ways to support the homeless animal population within your community. Find one that works for you and help out today!