Letter From the Editor: The Index Is Ready to Change and Adapt

Every organization has to be able to change, To grow and evolve with a world which is always moving in a new direction. Here at The Index, we are no different.

The past few years have been tough, just as they have been for many others. It is not easy running a student newspaper, and we find new challenges to conquer every day. It may be difficult, but that makes these challenges no less rewarding or worthwhile.

The good thing about being a student-run newspaper is that every year is a fresh start, a chance to reexamine how we work and what we want to be. This year, the staff and I decided we didn’t want some huge change — some great and elusive goal which would prove too high and only end in frustration. All of us at The Index simply wanted to get back to improving our journalistic skills.

You may have noticed the new look of the paper, or if you’re a freshman you get to see it without ever knowing the old look. We’re pretty proud of this design, and it took a lot of hard work to get it to where we like it. I just hope you like it too. However, a cool look does not make a better paper. For that we need to improve as journalists.

Focusing more on training our writers, chasing down stories rather than letting them come to us and organizing ourselves so we get all the facts you need. All our goals can be summed up with the idea of improving through practice and not just change.

The path of journalism in the future is uncertain, but this paper’s dedication to the craft is not.

I hope you enjoy what we write this year, and I hope you pick up the paper or go to our website at tmn.truman.edu. I can’t promise we won’t make mistakes. We are, after all, here to learn. But I can promise we won’t stop trying to put out the best paper possible every week, and if you want to a part of this, just let me know. We like new people.