Letter to the Editor: Index provides local print reprieve from digital news

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by senior Aaron Laughlin.

To the Editor of the Index,

It has recently come to my attention that the print of the Index may soon be in jeopardy due to budget cuts. As a strong proponent of printed news, I ask that any other course of action be considered. I feel that it is important in this current age where all kinds of news and other media is available with a few clicks of a keyboard that reliable print is available. It paradoxically provides an outlet from the non-stop barrage of fluff that scrolls across Facebook and the “ding” that I can’t manage to disable from Apple News that interrupts too many of my lectures.

While the Collegiate Readership Program provides news on a national and international scale, I have relied on the Index to provide local, and often more pertinent, information that more directly influences my time here at Truman. I, and many of my peers, greatly appreciate the more traditional medium the Index provides. There is a conciseness lacking from electronic media that can only be captured by the limitations of space in print. This might be considered a mark against print, but I have found that it ensures a quality unrivaled by electronic media.


Aaron Laughlin