Letter to the Editor: Print news trumps social media, soundbites

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Michael Bushnell, publisher of Northeast News.

As a long time Publisher of a community newspaper in Kansas City, Missouri I can certainly speak to the value of having a community news source dedicated to covering news and events in and around our community. Community newspapers are often considered the life blood of a community because they connect on so many different levels and so many different people in the community. Additionally, residents and readers are able to learn of events that may interest them or their families. Sadly however, there are those shortsighted individuals that control the purse strings at Colleges and Universities who fail to see the value of a printed newspaper, wishing to instead get their news from Facebook or Instagram.

Newspaper is the only medium where the true heart of news can be found. Print journalists are the only ones doing the deep dives necessary on issues of importance to the community. Where other news is limited to a two or three minute soundbite (if you’re lucky), Newspaper reporters have the time and space to go into more detail, covering points of a news story that otherwise would end up on the cutting room floor.

I can’t stress enough the value of a printed newspaper over other news sources. Hopefully this letter and others published in your print edition this week will sway those with the power of the purse to rethink their sad decision to shutter the campus newspaper and deny future journalists the practical experience they need in order to succeed.