Our View: Campus COVID-19 initiatives are commendable

No matter where you go on campus, it seems like you cannot avoid the effects of living and learning in a global pandemic. Nearly every part of the Truman State University campus has undergone some kind of change to continue operating efficiently in the face of COVID-19.

Recently, The Index has covered some of the changes in Truman’s theatre department, music department, Residence Life and Sodexo, among other areas on campus. Under guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University, numerous changes have been made to better shield Truman’s community from COVID-19.

We, The Index Editorial Board, commend these innovative changes on campus. At a time when it is difficult to find the motivation to leave the house or attend yet another Zoom meeting, many areas on campus are finding new ways to operate under new conditions. 

It’s inspiring to see Truman’s theatre department putting together outdoor and virtual performances, the music department practicing outside and new safety guidelines in the residence halls. We’re happy to see that the campus community is taking COVID-19 seriously and not conducting the semester as usual.

While it is understandable to want Truman’s campus to go back to “normal,” it’s just too early. For the time being, we encourage students, faculty and staff to embrace this new normal and recognize the introduction of different practices as a measure to protect the community. 

Even here at The Index, we’ve made some operating changes to limit the spread of COVID-19. When the University announced last semester that the campus would close to combat the spread of the virus, The Index began exploring new ways to deliver campus news. We introduced a newsletter and podcast, both of which can be found online, as well as ramped-up digital production — adding more opportunities for students to study different media production and formats. While we are limiting the amount of time we spend in the office, we diligently wear masks and practice social distancing when we need to use the facilities.

This ability to collaborate and innovate in fresh ways is part of what makes Truman State University so great. It’s no surprise that so many areas of campus have found cutting edge ways of making campus feel like home or teaching the most in-depth subjects to students — it’s what Truman does best. 

While this semester might not be exactly how you pictured it, there are still some exciting ways Truman is adapting to the pandemic and providing a distinct atmosphere. Hang in there Bulldogs, we’re in this with you!