Our View: Greek Life should be more transparent

This week, The Index covered a story about the Beta chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at Truman State University receiving a cease and desist order from their national organization. Throughout the reporting process, The Index faced harsh opposition from members and advisors in the Greek Life community. Not only did several people deny interview requests, but some attacked the integrity of The Index and discouraged reporting on the story.

We, The Index Editorial Board, condemn the lack of transparency in regards to Greek Life here at Truman. We completely understand that individual fraternities and sororities have things they feel must be safeguarded. There are rituals and activities only meant for those within the Greek Life realm, and we respect that. However, public matters with implications on the larger Truman community should, and will, be reported on.

Transparency is a mutually beneficial ideal for all parties involved. It allows community members to understand all current events in relation to Truman, and it allows organizations to share their point of view on issues affecting them. Part of our job as journalists is to help dispel false rumors and bring the truth to the forefront, which becomes extremely difficult if not supported.

We, The Index Editorial Board, also feel it is important to express that we are not calling for confidential, preliminary investigation details to be made available, but the general idea of what issues are being investigated should be matters of public concern. Campus organizations reflect Truman as a whole, so it is crucial to hold them accountable for misconduct if it occurs.

In closing, we would like to thank the University staff who are willing to cooperate with student media by providing information and perspectives as needed. It seems like a minor thing, but sometimes it is the little things that allow us to do our job.