Our View: Red Barn shows charm of Kirksville area

During the middle of the semester, when classes pick up and life gets more stressful, is the perfect time to forget about school for a few hours and enjoy the community of Kirksville. The Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival was a perfect opportunity to do just that. 

We as an editorial board would like to express our appreciation to the community, particularly the Kirksville Arts Association, for all their hard work putting together this event.

Many different people from craftsmen to students to parents all came together in a way we do not often see in Kirksville. Red Barn is a reminder of the potential we have as a community.

The Red Barn festival showcases the charm of Kirksville and the surrounding area. Seeing how much people care about the arts is truly inspiring.

It can be easy for Truman students, many of whom are from larger cities, to complain about the lack of activity and events in Kirksville. Luckily, Red Barn serves as a reminder of the appeal of a close-knit community where you can go to an event like that and see people you know, and that there can be large, area-wide events.

It can also be easy for students to isolate on campus. Many students can go days only speaking to other students or their professors. Red Barn is a great opportunity to see kids, families and the elderly all come together.

We as an editorial board also believe in the inherent value of the arts as well. Regardless of the attendance or community aspect, it’s important to share the arts, appreciate the talents of those in our community and learn more about others.

This community has a culture that has developed over decades, and continuing to celebrate our culture is a way to bring us together. The University and the Kirksville community are closer than many think, and we can strengthen that connection through joined participation in events like these.