Our View: Students should embrace interdisciplinary events

The lack of consistent extracurricular distraction is a common lament among Truman State University students, and to some degree, the complaint is valid.  Relatively mindless social activities are few and far between, but what our University does offer is a myriad of interdisciplinary opportunities that are all too often woefully underattended. These events range from the superlative Kohlenberg Lyceum Series and events in the University Art Gallery to musical performances and scientific research presentations.

Many of these events draw small crowds from their own communities, but rarely does the student body move outside of its respective departments.

We as a student body aren’t solely to blame for the these low attendance numbers. Many of these events are scantily advertised outside the buildings in which they take place, and our professors rarely encourage or incentivize attending activities that don’t directly relate to their classes.  

We, The Index Editorial Board, think that considering Truman’s mission as a liberal arts university, these kinds of events should be a priority for students and professors alike. Most of these events are free for students, but the opportunities provided as a part of the Lyceum series, which have in the past included internationally renowned musicians, theater and acrobats, have limited student attendance because of the $10 ticket price.

Given that Baldwin Auditorium rarely fills for Lyceum events, a reduced price could get more students in the door for events like last week’s Havana Cuba All-Stars, a multicultural music event performed in Spanish, whose audience was nearly devoid of students.

Our liberal arts education must extend beyond the classroom if students hope to carry the mindset Truman fosters into their future lives, and that should be a priority for students and faculty alike.