Students Deserve a Choice in Their Curriculum

Truman State University’s effort to change the liberal arts and sciences program is not easy to understand, and has been even more difficult for the University to finish.

The two year process has included concerns over the direction the University should take, differing philosophies of what the liberal arts should be and a Missouri State bill which will directly affect Truman’s curriculum.

We, The Index Editorial Board, believe despite these difficulties the University must stay true to Troy Paino’s original challenge to improve Truman’s liberal arts curriculum and regain the distinction the University once held.

We are worried the current proposal does not improve the University enough, but only modifies the program Truman already has and renames a few things to make it seem more innovative.

The University must take steps to ensure it lives up to its promises and provide students with a curriculum that encourages study across disciplines — curriculum which requires students to explore academia instead of following a set course through it.

Students want more freedom in their studies, the ability to take courses that interest them and further their understanding of the world. While this must be balanced with coursework dedicated to their major, students need more choice than they have now.

What might be the most frustrating for students is that they have largely been left out of the conversation. Many Truman students are not even aware of the effort to change Truman’s curriculum. While the results of this process will not be applied to current students of the University, their opinions and thoughts are still vital to finding the right direction for the University.