StuGov Buzz: Campaigning for StuGov begins

Hi Bulldogs! Student Government coming at you for your weekly update! Spring is here everyone. I repeat, spring is here. Get out and enjoy the sunshine before it starts raining everyday as Missouri springs are wont to do! Some of you may have already joined us outside for Student Appreciation Week or Goof-Off Day. Student Appreciation Week raffle winners have been announced this week. It was a blast giving back to the students! Diversity Week was also a rousing success and we were able to celebrate all the many amazing people here at Truman. There is plenty more to look forward to in the rest of the semester as well! The biggest event is Elections. If you would like to represent the student body then your time is here! Election information can be found at the Student Government office (SUB 1107). Campaigning started this Monday April first (no joke about that!). We hope to see some of you all come out and become Senators!