StuGov Buzz: StuGov continues plan for semester

As all Truman State University students know, Truman provides many unique opportunities to its students, and if you’re interested in speaking at graduation this may be the perfect one for you! We are currently seeking a student graduating this December who is interested in giving the student commencement speech at graduation. Students of any major with a GPA of 2.75 or higher are welcome to apply. Applications are due Nov. 7 at 8:30 p.m. Please email Madeline Sarasio Meyer at with any questions you may have.

The second annual TEDxTrumanStateUniversity conference is next Sunday, Nov. 10. The conference will be held in the SUB Georgian Rooms in the following two sessions:

Session 1 (1-2:45 p.m.) 

Lindsey Heiserman — Face Down in the Mud: You Are Your Biggest Obstacle

Caleb DeWitt — Teaching Chemistry with Peanut Butter Sandwiches

A.L. Mueller — Doing Gender: Why Mindfulness Matters

Session 2 (3-4:45 p.m.) 

Will Storm — Practicing Relativity: Leading Communities as an Outsider

Maguire Radosevic — Why American Politicians Have Double Standards: A Perspective From Game Theory

Lizzie Cremer — Improving Doctor-Patient Communication

We hope to see you there!

Looking into the future, a resolution was passed on the floor of Student Government in support of reframing and additional training for professors teaching online classes. This means that Truman is making a move to become one of the first public universities in Missouri to take this leap into more inviting and accessible online courses, while still providing the rigor and experience of lecture-style classes would.