Our View: Take care of the new plaza and fountain area

Last week’s Homecoming was marked with the completion of the Sandra K. Giachino Reavey Sesquicentennial Plaza. The ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 19 was a joyous celebration of all the efforts that went into finishing the large project.

We, The Index Editorial Board, are happy to see the new plaza and fountain up and running and open for everyone to enjoy. The area is much more visually appealing and the grassy area will likely be a useful place for people to congregate.

The new plaza and fountain are a wonderful addition to the campus and demonstrate a sense of care for the campus grounds and the people who live, work and study on them, however, we have a few concerns about the safety of the area. 

With cold weather, snow and ice coming, and the bricks historically being a problem in such weather, we, The Index Editorial Board, wonder if they will continue to be a problem for people frequently walking across the plaza. We hope that the University will be diligent during and after winter weather to ensure that the bricks are safe for people to walk on, especially in the area of the plaza with a sloped incline. 

Another safety issue we are concerned about is the maintenance of the bricks over time. Right now the brick surface is flat and secured but, as we have seen throughout campus, over time the bricks wear down and become disjointed. When this happens, the bricks become tripping hazards, eyesores and a general annoyance. We would like to see the University be proactive in maintaining and fixing the bricks over time.

The new fountain and plaza are a great addition to the campus and we hope they will stay beautiful and safe for people to enjoy for many years to come.