Alumna raises funds for Ukrainian family

With the Russia-Ukraine conflict getting worse by the day, a Truman alumna is doing her part to ensure the safety of her family and friends in Ukraine. 

Dariya Kucheryaba, a member of the spring class of 2021 has been collecting money to send back to her family and friends overseas in Ukraine. For the last several years, Kucheryaba has been living in the United States with her mother and grandmother while the rest of her extended family stayed overseas. 

When the war with Russia began, her aunt, niece, godmother and family friends all had to flee to Moldova for their safety. Kucheryaba said the timing was crucial since many countries have been closing their borders to the refugees in the weeks following the outbreak of war. 

Despite escaping Ukraine, Kucheryaba stated her family’s troubles are far from over. Currently, they live in a non-modernized house in Moldova with a host family, meaning they have no electricity or running water. In addition, they have no money since the Ukrainian currency is worthless now. Only U.S. dollars are being accepted by the countries still taking in refugees. 

Kucheryaba said the money she has collected will be used to assist in her family’s general livelihood such as collecting food, rent money, feminine products, baby food and other essentials

“Long term plans are indefinite, it all depends on what the war does,” Kucheryaba said.

Kucheryaba concluded the interview by urging Truman students to remain informed about the conflict, “The world has desensitized us to war. It becomes different when it happens to you.” 

Kucheryaba admitted she has to force herself to read the news most mornings, but remains hopeful that things will work out in the end. She reminded Truman students that they should never be afraid to help someone in need. 

“It will always make a difference. Especially when it starts gaining numbers.”