Crimes of the Heart opens theatre season

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Truman State theatre department opened its season with “Crimes of the Heart.”

“Crimes of the Heart” follows the three Magrath sisters, who have been reunited after being apart for several years. They’ve come together because of their grandfather’s illness and to support the youngest sister, Babe, who has been convicted of shooting her husband in the stomach.

IMG_20150927_175842Theatre professor Randy Bame, the show’s director, said “Crimes of the Heart” matches well with this season’s theme, “What would you kill for? What would you die for?” Bame said this is a great show to open with because this dark comedy will ease people into the other shows.

Bame said the Magrath sisters reconcile their problems and relationships in a way that is heartwarming, fun and quirky. He said that is a signature of playwright Beth Henley’s work.

Bame said the closeness of the characters helped the cast grow closer. The play features only six actors, which Bame said allows him to focus on actors as individuals and gives actors more freedom to act without the fear of judgement.

“When they can bond that way, when there is that kind of feeling of friendship, there is a more comfortable atmosphere, and they are more likely to experiment with the characters as well as their own acting ability,” Bame said. Bame said the three actors who play the Magrath sisters make up 80 percent of the acting for the play and they became very close. In a sense, he said, they actually have become like sisters.

Assistant director junior Natalie Hansen said members of a small cast must maintain accountability, giving more responsibility to each of the actors to carry the show. Hansen said because actors work so tightly with their scene partners, if something were to go wrong during the scene, it’s important for actors to trust and be trusted.


“Even though not everybody is in every scene, you’re always working with the people of the cast,” Hansen said. “It’s easier because they have a tighter relationship and bond than like a 12-person cast or a 20-person cast.”

Although Hansen said she had some reservations about the show initially, she said working with Bame helped her see the potential of the story. Because this is Hansen’s first time as an assistant director, she said it’s been nice easing into the directing aspect of the play with a small, close-knit cast.

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