“The Nether” explores controversial topics

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Even with the brightest of lights shining on its stage, Truman State’s James G. Severns Theatre grew much darker during the past month during rehearsals for “The Nether.”

Set to take the stage tonight, Nov. 12, tomorrow, Nov. 13 and Saturday, Nov. 14, the play touches on controversial topics such as child pornography and Internet ethics.

Sophomore actor Sam Andrzejewski said despite the touchy subject matter, he, other cast members and the crew are excited to showcase the work of art they’ve been collaborating on for the past month. Andrzejewski said they hope it will make people think and have deep discussions after seeing the heavy, emotionally jarring production.

The cast of “The Nether” gather onstage during a dress rehearsal. The play premieres tonight, Nov. 12.

“I enjoy theatre and I enjoy acting a lot, and this particular show is a much darker, controversial taboo kind of play, but it offers a new kind of insight on the concept of love and reality,” Andrzejewski said. “Am I scared people are going to be turned off by it? Yes, of course. But I’m hoping that they will be willing to come in and at least see the story, and give it a chance. That’s my favorite part of theatre. You give something to an audience that they can digest and think about.”

Andrzejewski said the play does not merely tackle the subject of child pornography, but also delves into the differences between our thoughts and the reality going on around us, and what Truman truly defines a relationship. For that whole show or see the whole show unreason, he said, it is a beautiful story worth seeing.

Senior Madison Chambers said she will be out of the spotlight but will make it shine on the actors instead as the show’s lighting designer.

“I always see the lights being the cherry on top of the cake,” Chambers said. “The actors can do amazing work and build the world they’re in just by acting, but you don’t necessarily feel the til the lights are added into it. If people watch the show without lights, they only have one foot in the world. But when you bring in the lights, they’re completely there.”

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