Top 5: Kirksville Spring Break ideas

Spring Break in college is stereotypically seen as one of the big events of the school year, with massive parties, copious amounts of alcohol consumed and lifelong memories. Last Spring Break, we went our separate ways and were overjoyed when we thought we would get our break extended by a week. It goes without saying that a lot has changed since last year’s Spring Break, and as a result, this Spring Break will likely look very different because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some safe activities for you to do if you choose to stay in Kirksville for the break. 

5. Hike at Thousand Hills State Park – There are few better places to unwind than the great outdoors. After long months obsessing over deadlines, page lengths and the dreaded Times New Roman 12-point font, it is refreshing to escape to a place where the world just seems to slow down. Take some friends with you, or take in the scenery by yourself as you explore this beautiful local state park. 

4. Support local businesses – Downtown Kirksville is packed with dozens of small businesses, each offering a diverse blend of wares. Each store boasts items that you are unlikely to find in larger, chain retail stores, such as my treasured Donald Duck keychain from a local flea market. Small businesses have borne the brunt of hardships during the pandemic and it is the least we can do to help keep them afloat. It is easy to spend a day getting lost in the numerous small stores that Kirksville offers. By shopping at small businesses, you are not only filling one of your days off with a fun activity, but you are also supporting fellow Kirksville residents.

3. Explore the Truman campus with a friend – After a certain point in your college career, most of your classes will likely be in just a few buildings. There are some you might never set foot in during your time here, so try to spend one day wandering through the halls of buildings around campus. Go see the reptiles in Magruder or the gallery of Ophelia Parrish. Watch the sunset from a campus bridge in McClain or Pershing. Try to get lost in some of the twists and turns in the buildings, and enjoy yourself!

2. Activities on The Quad – The possibilities for enjoyment on The Quad are endless. You can toss around a football or Frisbee, play laser tag with your friends — highly recommend — have a picnic, read a book or relax in a hammock. Whether you choose to spend your time on The Quad by yourself or with friends, it is guaranteed that you will have a good time.

1. Relax at home – Do nothing! You’ve constantly been working and worrying, stressing about school. You deserve to spend your break relaxing, not concerned about a thing. Binge watch a show, scroll through Instagram for hours, read a book that isn’t for school, watch the squirrels from your window, stare at the ceiling blankly for hours! Spring Break is for you, so spend it however you like. Sometimes the best way to unwind and relax is to simply stay at home.