Top 5: Socially distanced activities for spring

We did it, Bulldogs! We are through a brutal winter and spring is upon us. As we spring forward into warmer weather, what can we do to enjoy the sunshine but still stay socially distanced? Here are my top five favorite socially distanced things to do in warmer weather:

5. Read a book or do homework outside: Yes, I know: homework is not very fun, but why not finish what you need to do anyway out in the sun and warmth instead of inside? This could be an incentive to get it finished and even boost your mood. Also, reading is always a fun activity that you can do anywhere.

4. Go for a hike: A walk around Thousand Hills State Park — or even just campus — is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine as you do so. Going with friends or even by yourself for a mindful walk will help you to enjoy the changing of the seasons. I enjoy hiking when the weather is not too hot and there are not too many bugs yet.

3. Gardening: While I do not have a green thumb myself, I love to see beautiful blooming flowers during springtime. Being able to enjoy the weather while also adding color to what has been a dark, dreary winter helps to lift your mood and have fun in the process.

2. Baking: This is always a fun activity to do by yourself or with friends. Making things such as spring-themed cupcakes and treats can get you in the mood for springtime. Baking in the spring helps me get excited with my friends while also celebrating that springtime is here.

1. Crafts: Getting creative and doing crafts with your friends outside on The Quad, or even just by yourself, is a good way to enjoy the sunshine and get creative with friends. Find ideas online, and let nature and the blooming flowers inspire your own creativity.