Fall Festivities

As the weather becomes chillier, one may look forward to the festivities that come with the start of the new fall season, whether that be buying a pumpkin spice latte for the first time or appreciating the beautiful fall outdoors.Within Kirksville, one can participate in a myriad of activities this season. 


Every Saturday, the Kiwanis Farmers Market in downtown Kirksville is held from 7 a.m.-noon. One can find vendor booths ranging from local produce to art and crafts products. Attending the farmers market can be done individually or with friends or family. The farmers market can also be a place to feel a sense of community because of the many individuals who attend this event every Saturday. It is a great way to enjoy the weather while sipping a fall-inspired drink. 


One staple activity during this time is going to the pumpkin patch. Urban Gardens; Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze is located at 701 W La Harpe St. It is $10 for entry while children two and under are admitted for free. Attending the pumpkin patch is a great way to support a small business. Here, you can interact with different farm animals, go through the corn maze, play on the playground and pick pumpkins. It is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. every day until Oct. 31. If one is in a club or sports team, going to the pumpkin patch can be used as a form of team bonding. 

Thousand Hills State Park is another location that can include various fall fun. This park is free to the public and is a 13-minute drive from campus. Here one can take a hike and witness the changing of the leaves. You can also have a fall-themed picnic. There are various seating areas where one can read a book while taking in nature. 


While there are many things you can do in Kirksville, sometimes you need a movie night after a long day. Planning a fall-centered movie night is a way to take time while enjoying the new season. One could go to Walmart or Walgreens and pick up some snacks and blankets to ensure the movie night is extra cozy. Watching a spooky movie also allows one to get excited for the fall holiday of Halloween.


Last but certainly not least is having a fun fall photoshoot. Like the farmers market, this activity can be enjoyed individually or with friends. All one would need for this is something to take pictures with and some fun fall accessories like flannels or beanies. There are a variety of locations within Kirksville that you can use for this activity, including downtown Kirksville, campus and Thousand Hills. These photos can also be sent to friends and family from back home to give them a little glimpse into how the semester is going.