Take Root Cafe to show “A Place at the Table” documentary

Jessica Parks, founder and president of the Take Root Cafe, along with other board members, will show the documentary “A Place at the Table” today, Friday, Oct. 23. The documentary features topics including hunger in the U.S., the link between food insecurity, the health problems in the country and ways to solve these problems. Following the documentary, several community leaders will hold a discussion panel to talk about hunger issues in the Kirksville community.

Concerned about hunger insecurity in the U.S.,  Jessica Parks plans to open the Take Root Cafe in Autumn 2016, to provide affordable, local and healthy food to Kirksville residents and Truman State students.

Take Root Cafe plans to serve at least 90% organic food and beverages. The cafe also plans to include “pay-what-you-can” pricing, seasonal and organic menu, living wages, minimal food waste and healthy meals that are available to everyone. Take Root Cafe will launch their Indiegogo campaign in a few weeks to raise money for the store. By showing the documentary, they hope to invite people to start conversations about food insecurity and health here in Kirksville.