Index editors share their thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Each member of The Index Editorial Board wrote a few words about what Valentine’s Day means to them and what their plans are for today.

Elisabeth Shirk
Features, Opinions Editor

I have always been a hopeless romantic, so before I started dating my boyfriend Ryan, I would always take being single a little harder when Valentine’s Day rolled around. Ryan was my first and has been my only Valentine to date. This will be our second Valentine’s Day together, and so far our plan is to plant ourselves on the tiny couch in his apartment and eat Chinese food while watching movies and playing video games. I suggested making each other cards this year, but he was hesitant because he thought I might laugh at his art. I suspect, though, that I would laugh even if he bought me a card. I still have the sympathy card he bought me for our anniversary. I am not at all disappointed with the low-key plans Ryan and I have for Valentine’s Day. In fact, I am quite excited to not have any obligations other than kicking his butt at “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.”

Daniel Degenhardt
Photography Editor

My special lady and I plan to enjoy a quiet night in: candles, dinner and a movie. Most of my average Thursdays are spent in class, so when I get off, it’s time to kick back and relax. I’ll cook us a nice meal, pasta with pink sauce and meatballs. She can’t cook, but I’ll let her smell every ingredient before it goes in. She prefers tuna to just about anything I make, so I’ll serve her some tuna, and we’ll eat together while listening to her favorite singer, Cat Stevens. Then we’ll pick out a romantic movie, something like “Garfield” or “The Cat in the Hat,” and settle in on the couch together. We’ll snuggle for 10-15 minutes before she gets bored and decides to nap in another room. She’ll reappear later in the evening, hungry, eat a small snack and fall asleep on my feet. That’s all we have planned — nothing too special!

Allyson Lotz
Copy Chief

My first and only “valentine” was my best friend in elementary school. His parents would drive him to my house, and he would walk up to my front door every morning, every year, with a stuffed animal and chocolates. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of why we’re not best friends anymore — it’s a cringy fifth-grade version of an unrequited love story — but I have not had a valentine since then, and I have always been single.
That’s why this year I have several valentines. I’m adopting all of my KTRM 88.7 listeners as my valentines.
I host a Thursday night radio show called “Make Her Laugh” in which I play music featuring women and share offbeat news stories from the week, like that one time Mexican police arrested a restaurateur for selling endangered tarantula tacos. It so happens “Make Her Laugh” lands on Valentine’s Day this year, so while my valentines will get the same hilarious news stories I always give them, they will also get a specially crafted setlist showcasing women’s songs of love and positivity.
I know that sounds like I’m playing 60 minutes of romance tunes, but that’s not what I have in mind. Romance might not be what all my valentines want, for whatever their reasons might be, so there will also be songs of friendship, forgiveness and self-love. After all, who says you can’t be your own valentine, too?
If you don’t have a valentine this year, then I will be your valentine. Tune in to “Make Her Laugh” at 6 p.m. Thursday on KTRM 88.7.

Brently Snead

I’m not big on the entire Valentine’s Day thing, and when you have a child, holidays suddenly change. We won’t be having a “romantic” night out or anything elaborate, but rather we’ll be having a night in with our favorite little dude. I’m all about getting some cheesy gift for Warren, even if it’s just a stuffed animal and chocolate, neither of which he actually needs. We will do some special dinner centered around him because my husband Dustin and I aren’t huge into celebrating it — it’ll more than likely include include chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Otherwise, Valentine’s Day will be just another day in the Snead household.

Ryan Pivoney
Managing Editor

Emma and I have been together for about two and a half years, but we are celebrating our third Valentine’s Day together this year. Oddly, though, we have never spent the actual holiday with each other. The first year we were both sick, but for a second year in a row we are long-distance. She is still in St. Louis, while I am here going to school. So, instead of spending the day together, I am traveling back this weekend to see her. We typically don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, but a nice dinner and a cute date will make it special. I will be getting her flowers as I usually do, and we also might get each other small gifts. I know we will definitely be buying some of that chocolate that will be on sale. Those are the best!

Nicolas Telep
Digital Director

I hate Valentine’s Day.
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day for the normal reasons. I think it could be a wonderful expression of love and a great day for couples to celebrate their affection and single people to seek out said affection. I also think it could be a great time for people to say to their friends “I appreciate you” and give goofy gifts.
I hate Valentine’s Day because some people treat it this way, but not everybody. It seems to be, in most circles I have run in, an extremely unpopular holiday. Holidays are fun when everyone’s in the spirit and everyone participates. That’s not how Valentine’s Day is.
I loved Valentine’s Day when I was younger because I loved handing out and receiving silly little notes and candies in school with my friends. Sure, it was a little weird, but it was fun. And everyone needed to participate because if you didn’t, the teacher would call your mom.
Nobody is calling anyone’s mom for not celebrating Valentine’s Day as adults, but I think people would enjoy the holiday a lot more if they at least put themselves out there and tried to participate.
Through my dislike for Valentine’s Day curmudgeons, I became one. I’m not necessarily proud of that, but if we all decided to give this silly little holiday a shot in our own special way, there wouldn’t be as many of us curmudgeons on Feb. 14.

Emmett Divendal
Design Chief

I’ve never done anything super traditional for Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m having roses delivered to my partner since he’s three hours away. Even though the relationship isn’t romantic anymore, he’s one of the most important people in my life and I love him. However, my actual Valentine this year is my best baby boy, Snart. He’s the best roommate: sleeps all day, quiet, rarely makes a mess. He might be too small to properly cuddle, but my love for my tiny lizard is unconditional. I’ll be treating him to some extra roaches and worms for dinner, and I will probably decorate his vivarium a little bit. For myself, I’m going to let myself sleep in, spend the day working on art and cook a special dinner to enjoy with my small scaly friend.