Top 5: Cheesy college films to give you school spirit

Even when Hollywood’s interpretation of the college experience leaves reality to be desired, there’s nothing like a cheesy movie about university life to get you in the groove for the semester. Whether you like comedy, drama or horror, take a study break with one of these college-inspired films.

5.Life of the Party: A twist on the traditional college film, this quirky story follows a mature student and brings a unique perspective of college life. From strange roommates to a sorority sister/daughter to giving presentations for a professor you went to school with, this film reminds us all that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and that there is no such thing as a “normal” college experience.

4. “Happy Death Day: A classic cheesy horror film, this tale of a self-centered student reliving her own death until she discovers the identity of her murderer is embedded in the world of campus life. The over-the-top depictions of university tropes; creepy, but not terrifying, imagery; and the endless list of potential suspects make this movie enjoyable even for those who typically shy away from the horror genre.

3. “Monsters University: This heartwarming movie about finding who you are and loving yourself isn’t just for kids. With clever references to the original Monsters, Inc. and humor suitable for all ages, this unconventional take on college life earns an A+ for effort and heart.

2. “Legally Blonde: Elle Woods’s journey from Homecoming queen to Harvard powerhouse has become a classic college triumph story. Although you might have no plans to go to law school, this comedic story of learning perseverance and self-confidence is a great way to motivate yourself to overcome any bumps in the road.

1. “Drumline: This drama, centering around a freshman snare drum player in a prestigious marching band, highlights the comradery and fellowship present in marching band. With its emphasis on the importance of teamwork and loyalty, this movie serves as a reminder that, no matter the challenges, we are stronger as students when we build on one another’s strengths and stick together.