Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is famous for love, heart doodles and extravagant gift-giving. While it’s great to spread the love to others, sometimes it’s a good idea to show yourself you care by giving yourself an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! With all the stress you’re under, you definitely deserve some pampering, so here are 10 Valentine’s gift ideas that you should keep all to yourself. 

Chocolates: While boxes of chocolates are a classic gift given between partners, there’s no reason you can’t spoil yourself with one of these too! Whether you buy the tiny four-chocolate box or go all out with a box wrapped in velvet, you can never go wrong with this sweet gift. If you don’t like chocolate, try a fruity candy or real fruit as a substitute treat, but don’t deny your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day. 

A streaming binge day: Between studying and working and studying and tests and more studying, your brain could likely use a break. Take some time to plop yourself onto the couch and catch up with your favorite television shows or YouTube videos. Your brain will thank you for the gift of quality time. 

A fancy coffee or hot chocolate: It’s the little things that count. Taking the time to spoil yourself with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate with the perfect amount of marshmallows is a small way to tell yourself how much you love yourself. However, the key is not just to drink but to take the time to enjoy your hot beverage, allowing yourself to relax with every sip. With a few coffee shops right on campus, this is also one of the easiest gifts to pull off. 

Fancy soap: If traditional means of pampering, such as spas or pedicures, seem a bit risky during the pandemic, this is a great way to treat yourself without ever leaving the safety of your living space. Ditch the bar of soap and splurge a little on bath soap that moisturizes or rejuvenates your skin or that comes in your favorite scent. 

A mixtape playlist: In my mind, no gift is more thoughtful than a mix CD. To thine own self be true: you know what music you love and that makes you feel like you, so take the time to make yourself a self-love playlist or CD that reminds you to practice self-affirmation every day and rock out. 

A candle: No one can deny the tranquility that good smells can bring. If you live in a dorm hall, try wax melts for all the benefits of a candle without the wick. Pairing this simple gift with a relaxing activity, such as reading or crocheting, is one of the most peaceful ways to spend your Valentine’s Day. After all, heavenly scents might just be the way to a person’s heart 一 especially your own! 

A cozy blanket or sweater: Feb. 14, while a day dedicated to love, is also one of the chilliest holidays of the year. Keeping warm and cozy is a must. Find a comfy blanket or sweater that keeps out the cold. Bonus points if you can find a matching pair of socks — warmth starts in the feet! 

A dinner date: Maybe it’s not the safest idea to go out to dinner right now, but having a nice at-home dinner is the perfect way to treat yourself! Whether you cook a fancy meal for yourself or get local takeout, having a romantic dinner for one or a virtual dinner date with friends, family and loved ones is a great way to get the relaxing benefits of dinner without the stress of the pandemic. Plus, there’s no need to scrape the snow off your car! 

A “You-nique” gift: There’s no one that knows you better than you. Carve out a little bit of cash to buy yourself something that makes you feel like you. Any gift that reminds you just how incredible and important you are this Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift of self-kindness on a day where everyone deserves a little love!

A long talk with loved ones: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about material things. Taking some time to talk to loved ones is one of the best ways to show yourself and others some love. In a time when we’re apart, on a day that symbolizes love and affection for one another, make sure you give yourself the best gift of all: quality time with those who matter most to you.