“The Batman” trailer indicates a fresh adaption

Photo provided by Warner Bros. Studios

Warner Bros. and DC Comics released the trailer for “The Batman” a few weeks ago, boasting an all star cast including Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano, among others. 

This newest addition to the vast collection of Batman movies will be separate from the previous movies, and will reportedly center around The Riddler, with other guests including The Penguin and Catwoman. Matt Reeves, known for directing “War for the Planet of the Apes,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “Cloverfield,” is set to direct “The Batman.”

From the first shot of the trailer, the director and cinematographer establish that this is a different kind of Batman movie than we have seen previously. The trailer includes several nods to Christopher Nolan films, and indeed, this movie has a more gritty-crime-thriller atmosphere than that of the average superhero movie. 

This dark knight will most definitely explore the detective side of Batman, as he spars with the famous Riddler. Reeves and Pattinson team up to give us what looks to be the darkest, most jagged Batman yet. After a henchman asks who he’s supposed to be, the caped crusader breaks the henchman’s arm and beats him to a pulp before growling, “I’m vengeance.” It is a reimagining of the classic “I’m Batman” line but it works remarkably well. All the while, Nirvana’s dark and melancholy “Something in the Way” backs the teaser trailer as a perfect soundtrack for the bleak shots we see on screen. 

There are a couple of concerns about “The Batman,” the first and most prominent being lead actor Robert Pattinson, who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, undoubtedly delaying the movie. Because this diagnosis is relatively recent, there is little-to-no telling just how drastically this will impact production and further filming. 

Currently, the film is only 30% filmed, according to an Aug. 22 article from Screen Rant, which is another concern. COVID-19 forced filming to stop for “The Batman,” and with a second wave sweeping much of the nation, it is likely that restrictions will continue into the near future. As time continues to pass, there is no telling what creative changes will be made as the other 70% of the movie is filmed. While the current teaser trailer looks stellar, it may only feature the best parts of the movie. Hopefully this is not the case, however, and the teaser is just a taste of an excellent artistic vision for this upcoming film.  

In short, the upcoming film “The Batman” looks to be a fresh reimagining of a classic tale that will keep viewers enthralled. The wait for this movie will be long, but well worth it. The hype for this movie is well deserved, and I will be anxiously waiting for the opportunity to see it. “The Batman” is scheduled to be released on Oct.1, 2021.