Top 5: Campus study spots

5. Your room: Sometimes the best place to work is from home. As a homebody, my room is a great place to study and go on Zoom calls. Everything you need is within reach, and you will have privacy while you work. Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about masks, and if your study sessions last hours like mine, masks can be a major annoyance. Your room allows you to do your part with social distancing, while still remaining comfortable during study sessions or Zoom calls.

4. Barnett Hall: When you have a Zoom class right after a class in Barnett, it can be easier to just stay there. Luckily, there are numerous places to quietly study or hop on a Zoom call. The main hallway offers a massive window with tables conveniently located beside it. This place is perfect, providing the best of both worlds: natural scenery and air conditioning.

3. Study bubbles: Study bubbles are perfect for studying or Zoom calls. If you’re like me, and you find it difficult to get work done from your room, then study bubbles are the perfect alternative. They are far enough away from my room to motivate me to work, but close enough for me to run back if I forgot something. They’re also private enough for you to jam out with your music while studying, but public enough to make you feel bad for not working. 

2. Pickler Memorial Library: Ever since I arrived at Truman, the library has been my go-to place for studying. The library boasts numerous places to study while also social distancing. One of my favorite spots is right by a window overlooking the Quad. I can listen to music and work for hours without distractions, while also getting glimpses of the people walking by when I need to collect my thoughts.

1. The Quad: Looking for a place with natural scenery to unwind and study? The Quad is your best bet. Trees are scattered throughout, giving you ample space to put up a hammock or just relax under the shade. If you would rather stay off the ground, there are also plenty of  benches to stretch out on. Plus, the outdoor setting will make social distancing easier and you won’t have to worry about wearing a mask while studying.