Top 5 places to go running around Kirksville

Orrick Trail
  1. Thousand Hills State Park — With trees, shrubs and an entire lake around which to frolic, what more could you want from a trail run? While there are plenty of twists and turns to hold your attention, be careful not to twist an ankle.
  2. Rainbow Basin Trail — This area is home to not only an abandoned ski lodge but a land uncharacteristic of quotidian Kirksville. A rocky road leading to vast rolling plains, this path is a must-run for those seeking a temporary escape.
  3. A.T. Still Trailhead — Situated west of campus behind A.T. Still University, the hidden Kirksville valley is a great place to work some serious hills. The location is also perfect for appreciating ponds, grassy surfaces and occasional deer sightings. 
  4. Orrick Trail — Faint of heart, beware. Combinations of pavement, gravel, dust and incline makes the route ideal for mixing up terrain, as well as weakening all willpower. Orrick’s brutality spares no one, making this route all the more exhilarating. 
  5. Stokes Stadium — Trying to work out but short on time? Prefer short bursts over long distance? Look no further than Truman’s own stadium, home to a track, turf field and countless cross-training resources.